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Flat Rate Shipping

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  • Oxygen Absorber 30cc

    Oxygen Absorber 30cc – 200 pack

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  • Oxygen Absorber 50cc

    Oxygen Absorber 50cc – 200 pack

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  • Oxygen Absorber 100cc

    Oxygen Absorber 100cc – 200 pack

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  • Protecting your Camera and Electronics

    Silica Gel 5g – 90 units

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ABSORHOME Moisture & Oxygen Absorbers

Moisture Absorbers offer a very cost effective way to reduce moisture, build up of mould, odours as well as protect your clothes, books, jewellery from moisture damage! Moisture Absorbers are very easy to use and are also environmentally Friendly which can be discarded with your general waste. Moisture Absorbers are ideal for use in your cupboard, boxes, kitchen tupperware whilst in long term storage or simply being stored for the winder.

Absorhome Oxygen Absorbers, also offer a cost effective way to preserve the food quality as well as extend the shelf life of your stored food. Our Oxygen Absorbers come in 30cc, 50cc & 100cc Absorber Packs and we offer the best prices available. We're also looking to bring in additional size packs in the near future.

Absorhome offers a wide range of moisture absorbers & oxygen absorbers to suit your needs, as well as the best prices and service so don't hesitate to contact us for a FREE Quote


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Hi Paula,

I'm very happy with the purchase of my Oxygen Absorbers and Absorgel moisture absorbers. The service from Absorhome has been excellent as well and just wanted to say thank you as many business today tend to neglect the service component given most things are online now.

thanks again

Pamela W Oxygen Absorbers 28/09/2016


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Just wanted to thank you for the fast and efficient service! I didn't expect my order to arrive so soon after placing my order and you were very quick to respond to any of my queries I sent you.

Thank you again and will purchase again soon.


Tracy D Service 26/09/2016

Why Use Absorhome Moisture Absorbers

Easy To Use
Simply Open & Place Absorber in desired Spot
Can be Used in Cupboard, Tupperware, Boxes, Suitcases etc
Our Moisture Absorbers Can Be discarded With General Waste
No Liquid
So no mess if Absorber is knocked over!
High Absorption Rate
Absorgel Absorbs 250% Of Its Weight In Moisture