Hanging Absorbers


Hanging Moisture Absorbers

Hanging Moisture Absorbers are a very cost effective way to control moisture around the house, within your storage boxes or cupboards between the different seasons of the year. The Absorbers adsorb the moisture, rather then the moisture being adsorbed by your clothes, certificates etc. We also offer Silica Gel Absorbers which are ideal for smaller containers, boxes as well as offering Oxygen Absorbers to help preserve the the shelf life of your food products.

Absorgel 500g absorbs over 250% of it’s weight in Moisture. There is NO Liquid so No Mess! They’re easy to use and very versatile. You can hang it up vertically, or lie it horizontally.
Absorgel is made only of PE/PP plastics and salt, which are non-toxic and recyclable (Eco-Friendly). The product is a one-time product and can be disposed with regular waste.

Absorgel Hanging Moisture Absorbers Typical Applications Include:
Cupboards – Storage Units – Garage – Garden Sheds – Storage containers – winnebago’s

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Showing all 4 results